Pulborough Computer Club

About Us

The club was formed in October 2000 in response to demand expressed during  the Village Appraisal and it has been running continuously since then. It now meets once a month on the first Tuesday evening in the Pulborough Village Hall.

It tries to encourage, inform and entertain home computer users through tutorials and question and answer sessions. It is not a substitute for basic training which is available from local libraries and through the further education system.

We concentrate on PCs running Microsoft Windows, although some of the tutorials are general and apply to any computer. It's not that we have anything against Apple Macs etc - just that we all own PCs, though many of us now also own tablets, including Apple IPads and we may occasionally have sessions about or involving these devices.Smile.

Tutorials are given by guest speakers or the occasional one by a club member.

When the club first started, members gathered around a number of monitor screens driven from a laptop, all showing the same image so that they could follow tutorials and see problem answers demonstrated. Nowadays, it has the use of a projector and a 3m wide screen giving everybody a much better view.

People of all ages, abilities and of both genders are welcome to attend meetings, although those without a home computer or some basic training are less likely to gain from the experience. Just choose a meeting from our Calendar page, come along, and make yourself known.

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